Dell Precision 7540 sound crackling

I just recently purchased the Dell Precision 7540 to replace my aging Precision M4800. The first thing I noticed is a crackling sound in the audio system, whether using headphones or directly on the speakers themselves. This appears after a minute or two of playback of audio, mainly youtube. It looks like there are many… Continue Reading

Dell Precision 7540 vs Apple Macbook Pro

I just purchased this new Dell Precision 7540 about a month ago (November 2019) and was comparing it to the Macbook Pro, among others. The price difference was staggering!! The total I have into this 7540 is about $2500, and the most equivalent I could find on the Apple was $4300. But since then Apple… Continue Reading

eKey software bugs

Let me get this out of the way. I am a Real Estate Agent and I show houses. There, I said it. Now what’s this I’m complaining about? iBox BTH We use these lockboxes (the photo is of the older non-BT version of the lockbox) commonly on houses to give access to other agents and… Continue Reading

SwissGear Computer Backpack slouching

SwissGear Computer Backpack slouching

I bought this SwissGear Computer Backpack to use as my daily backpack. It took a lot of investigating and trying to accommodate my needs. I wanted to be able to fit the following: 16″ laptop Work files and brochures DSLR camera with 2 lenses Assorted gear I was using the Lowepro Compudaypack for about 8… Continue Reading

3D Printers – My Rigidbot Review

3D Printers – My Rigidbot Review

I was looking at purchasing a 3D printer for our household for a few reasons. Reason 1: I wanted to be able to create parts from scratch. Reason 2: I want to be able to bring this to my kids schools and lead a class or two about 3d printers. I purchased a 3D printer… Continue Reading

Belkin Router issue

Think you bought a router? Was it a Belkin? Well, the outage on 10/7/2014 proves that you really don’t own the router that you purchased. For some mysterious reason, ALL belkin routers in several countries stopped working suddenly. Apparently these Belkin routers ping a server somewhere in belkin land somewhere. If it receives no response,… Continue Reading