Starting Your Own Blog Part 8: WordPress Pages and Menus

WordPress Pages

Pages are for creating a page that doesn’t change much. These include such pages as “About Me” or “Resources”. They may update over time, but for the most part are pretty static and stand alone.

Pages are easy to create. Just click on “Pages- Add New” and give it a name.  Once you have a name for it, you can add it to the menu system.

WordPress Menus

Menus are easy to create, once you know how. In my theme, I have one navigation bar that contains the main menu for the website. This menu is easily changed by going to “Appearance- Menus” and making changes there.  You can add Pages, Categories, and Direct Links to the menu system. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop.

Also, you can create a multiple level menu system by indenting the various components. You can see that I have a Recipes category on the menu, which would show all the posts that have been categorized as “Recipes”. I also have Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Smoothies categories added to the menu system as well. Each of these will show posts related to that specific category.

Starting Your Own Blog Resources:

Here are a few pages of how to start your own blog. I originally had this in 3 parts, but decided it would be better broken down to more specific steps. I’ve also added a few other resources pages, such as camera and lighting pages, as well as general technology pages. These pages are most of the general steps in starting your own blog.

WordPress Pages
WP Part 1 – Domain Names WP Part 2 – Hosting WP Part 3 – WordPress (installation)
WP Part 4 – Configure WP WP Part 5 – Themes WP Part 6 – Plugins
WP Part 7 – Widgets WP Part 8 – Pages and Menus WP Part 9 – Posts and Categories

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