Ikea’s statement on GMO’s

Ikea’s statement on GMO’s

I was at the Big Blue And Yellow store recently, Ikea. I stumbled upon an interesting idea, Elderflower syrup. Actually they have 4 syrups: Blueberry, Elderflower, Lingonberry, and Rhubarb syrups. They look interesting especially since we make our own carbonated fizzy drinks. We could easily add one of these syrups to our carbonated water to make our own sodas. The one ingredient I question though is the “Sugar.” Here in the U.S., most sugar contains GMO beet sugar. I’m not a fan of any GMO products and try to avoid them as much as possible.

So the question is this: Is the Ikea Syrup made with non-GMO sugar or GMO-containing sugar? Ikea has a statement on their website that talks about GMO’s:

technologyWe have banned all flavour enhancers in IKEA branded food products. Also, IKEA does not allow genetically modified organisms (GMO) in IKEA branded products. As it is almost impossible to source GMO free food in the United States and Canada, an exception of the ban has been issued for those countries. However, our own packaged brand products are always GMO-free regardless of where they are
sourced and sold.

Does anyone find this confusing? Here’s what I see:

  1. Ikea does not allow GMO in Ikea branded products.
  2. Since it is very hard to source GMO free food in the US and Canada, an exception of the ban has been issued for those countries.
  3. However, our own packaged brand products are always GMO free.

So according to #1, an IKEA branded product in the IKEA food marketplace is GMO free.
But since I live in the US, it may not be GMO free.
But if it is IKEA brand, it is GMO free.

This seems contradictory. I will inquire with Ikea about this, since I would like to purchase the Elderflower Syrup (SAFT FLÄDER) for making my own carbonated sodas.

——————-UPDATE 8-21-2013——————-

I received a reply from Ikea the very next day. That’s quick! Unfortunately it’s a non-answer, and it’s funny as I would think the corporate would know more about these types of products than the individual in-store worker.

Thank you for your interest in IKEA.  We appreciate that you have taken the time to contact us. Unfortunately, the IKEA Customer Care Center does not have specific information available regarding the selection or ingredients of food products offered at any IKEA store location, either in their Swedish Food Market or restaurant. We would advise directing any inquiry to a coworker in-store on your next visit.

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4 Responses to Ikea’s statement on GMO’s

  1. So I was getting excited, then I was let down, and then left hopeful….possibly.
    The way I understand it, IKEA sells different name brand food products, and some of them carry their name as a brand. Those are guaranteed GMO-free. Anything else is not promised.
    However it is possible that the food products manufactured in countries where GMO labeling is required, would have the labeling (found here http://justlabelit.org/right-to-know/labeling-around-the-world/) , except for the possibility of the production intended for exporting to the U.S. Then I suppose there is no labeling.
    So that may send us right back where we started.
    Except for IKEA brand foods.
    I think.
    Thank you for the informative blog post?

  2. Here is what I think it means. When you go to the restaurant or the fast food section for a hot dog, there are prepared foods made here in the states using local Breads and things.

    I read the original statement and reply as saying that their brand of cookies and other Swedish labels are gluten-free.

  3. it seems simple to me, they sell products in their stores other than Ikea brand and they are not guaranteed GMO free, BUT anything that IS Ikea brand IS GMO free as it is made in Sweden. Just look at where the product is made, if it says USA or Canada it is most likely GMO sugar, if it is made in Sweden or almost anywhere in the UK, it will be GMO free.

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