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Quick Release Camera Strap

I purchased the Tamrac Quick Release shoulder strap for my camera because I wanted to be able to take the strap off quickly for those times it gets in the way. This happens frequently, especially when I’m tripod shooting. So I bought this strap. When it arrived, I took a close look at the strap.… Continue Reading

Windows 10 speaker / headphone switching problem

Windows 10 has a strange default setting regarding speakers and headphones. In prior Windows iterations, when plugging a set of headphones into a laptop, the sound automatically switches to the headphones from the speakers. In the current Windows 10 iteration, when plugging in headphones, the little speaker icon will show that the output is selected… Continue Reading

Dell Precision 7540 sound crackling

I just recently purchased the Dell Precision 7540 to replace my aging Precision M4800. The first thing I noticed is a crackling sound in the audio system, whether using headphones or directly on the speakers themselves. This appears after a minute or two of playback of audio, mainly youtube. It looks like there are many… Continue Reading

Dell Precision 7540 vs Apple Macbook Pro

I just purchased this new Dell Precision 7540 about a month ago (November 2019) and was comparing it to the Macbook Pro, among others. The price difference was staggering!! The total I have into this 7540 is about $2500, and the most equivalent I could find on the Apple was $4300. But since then Apple… Continue Reading

eKey software bugs

Let me get this out of the way. I am a Real Estate Agent and I show houses. There, I said it. Now what’s this I’m complaining about? iBox BTH We use these lockboxes (the photo is of the older non-BT version of the lockbox) commonly on houses to give access to other agents and… Continue Reading

SwissGear Computer Backpack slouching

SwissGear Computer Backpack slouching

I bought this SwissGear Computer Backpack to use as my daily backpack. It took a lot of investigating and trying to accommodate my needs. I wanted to be able to fit the following: 16″ laptop Work files and brochures DSLR camera with 2 lenses Assorted gear I was using the Lowepro Compudaypack for about 8… Continue Reading