Very slow core i7 cpu

cpu-slowMy Dell Precision laptop with a Core i7-4700qm processor suddenly got very slow. We’re talking extremely slow. When I pull up task manager, I notice that the CPU is running at 0.35Ghz, and it won’t get any faster. What’s going on?

I tried rebooting the computer (actually shutting it down), and I tried putting it to sleep and waking it back up. I downloaded Intel’s CPU diagnostics to no avail. The CPU diags show that the computer was running at full speed, 2.7Ghz.

Next I searched the internet to see if anyone else was having the problem, and I couldn’t find any promising leads.

Finally, after much frustration, I unplugged and plugged in my computer, and that did it! ┬áMy guess is that for some reason, Windows was detecting that the computer was not plugged in, and slowing down the CPU to save on battery life. What’s strange is that I have my power settings to always run on 100% cpu no matter what.

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