How to fix the AppleSyncNotifier.exe – Entry Point Not Found error

How to fix the AppleSyncNotifier.exe – Entry Point Not Found error

I’ve come across this problem multiple times. The problem is from iTunes and its installer. It’s strange that Apple doesn’t fix their installer to take care of it. Apple is one of the premier companies right now, you’d think they would know better. Anyway the problem is caused because their installer does not put a single file in the correct directory. So the fix is easy. Just copy this file from one directory to another.

We need to copy the file called “SQLite3.dll” from C:\program files\common files\Apple\Apple Application Support to C:\program files\common files\Apple\Mobile Device Support. Let’s get started.

First, open Windows Explorer using “Windows Key-E” and navigate to Computer, then C:\. From there, double click on  Program Files. IF you have a 64-bit version of windows, you’ll see Program Files (x86), double click on this instead of the above. Then double click on Common Files, and then Apple. You will notice that both of the directories we need are here. Apple Application Support as well as Mobile Device Support. For now double click on Apple Application Support.

Next, find SQLite3.dll, and highlight the file (single click). We want to copy this file. There are several ways to issue the copy command. Right click COPY, Keyboard CTRL-C, or Menu Edit Copy. Pick your favorite.

Lastly, navigate up one directory level, back to Apple,  and then into Mobile Device Support. Now paste the file here using your favorite: right click Paste, CTRL-V, or Menu Edit Paste.

You may get this warning message depending on the version of windows you have “Destination Folder Access Denied. ” If you get this message, just click on Continue.

Once these steps are done, reboot the computer and verify that the original error message does not come up.

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  1. Worked perfectly. Many thanks for posting this solution, particularly the detailed step by step instructions – much appreciated

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