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Windows 10 speaker / headphone switching problem

Windows 10 has a strange default setting regarding speakers and headphones. In prior Windows iterations, when plugging a set of headphones into a laptop, the sound automatically switches to the headphones from the speakers. In the current Windows 10 iteration, when plugging in headphones, the little speaker icon will show that the output is selected… Continue Reading

Dell Precision 7540 sound crackling

I just recently purchased the Dell Precision 7540 to replace my aging Precision M4800. The first thing I noticed is a crackling sound in the audio system, whether using headphones or directly on the speakers themselves. This appears after a minute or two of playback of audio, mainly youtube. It looks like there are many… Continue Reading

Dell Precision 7540 vs Apple Macbook Pro

I just purchased this new Dell Precision 7540 about a month ago (November 2019) and was comparing it to the Macbook Pro, among others. The price difference was staggering!! The total I have into this 7540 is about $2500, and the most equivalent I could find on the Apple was $4300. But since then Apple… Continue Reading

Belkin Router issue

Think you bought a router? Was it a Belkin? Well, the outage on 10/7/2014 proves that you really don’t own the router that you purchased. For some mysterious reason, ALL belkin routers in several countries stopped working suddenly. Apparently these Belkin routers ping a server somewhere in belkin land somewhere. If it receives no response,… Continue Reading

Windows 8.1 Server Busy Problem

Windows 8.1 Server Busy Problem

This problem is so weird. The only time I’ve come across it so far is in lightroom. That’s because when I’m exporting photos, I’m creating directories to export them to. So my normal workflow is to process the photos in lightroom, then use the export feature. This brings me to a standard “select folder” dialog… Continue Reading

Windows 7 Wireless Networking Bug

Windows 7 Wireless Networking Bug

Windows 7 Wireless Networking Bug There is a bug in Windows 7 that doesn’t allow the wireless networking to connect to anything once in a while. What happens is that when you wake the computer up from sleep, it doesn’t connect to the wireless network. It can show different statuses and none of them may… Continue Reading

Life with the M4800

Introduction I’ve had the Dell Precision M4800 for about a month now and thought I’d update you on how it is going, and what I like and dislike. It’s been a rock solid machine so far and it has been easy enough to transition to. I’ve had a few problems, but they are mostly resolved… Continue Reading