Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes

paint brushesThere are so many paint brushes, how do you choose?  I’ve tried the cheap Home Depot brushes that come in a 5 pack for $10. I’ve tried the foam brushes. I’ve tried the medium priced brushes. I’ve tried the upscale brushes such as Purdy and Wooster. I’ve tried many many brushes over the years, and I’ve finally found one brush that I *love*. Before I get into the brand and the review of it, a paint brush should be good at a few things:

  • It should edge very well
  • It should cover well
  • It should hold a good amount of paint
  • It should leave no bristles or fuzz

That’s really it. Nothing more, nothing less.

paint sampleMeet The Rubbermaid Paint Brush. Like I said, I LOVE this brush. It does everything exceptionally well. I’m not a professional painter, but I can get extremely clean lines with this brush. It cuts in like a pro. If you take a look at these couple of photos, you can see that I was able to get an exceptionally straight line without getting any of the wall color on the trim, or vice versa.

This sample painting is of where the door trim on the left meets a wall. I painted this freehand and without tape. You can see that the line is very straight.This just takes a steady hand, and the right brush.

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