Windows 8.1 problem: Drag and Drop

Windows 8.1 problem: Drag and Drop

I do a lot of wordpress. All my websites are running wordpress, including this one. When I do a post, I like to attach a photo as well. Well, after I click on “Add Media”, I usually open a Windows Explorer window and drag and drop onto the Add Media window in the browser. This no longer works. I get the Red Circle with a Line Through It as the cursor meaning that I can’t drag and drop it into the browser window.

Note that this is something I’ve done hundreds of times with WIndows 7, and it has always worked fine.

With this not working, I can click on “Select Files” as shown in the pic, and find the photo that I want to attach. This works, but I’m so much more used to the drag and drop method.drag and drop copy

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    • Yes, actually it works now. And the solution is… Windows update. Yes, a bug in Windows 8.1, can you believe it? *sarcasm*

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