Analytics Part 4

Keyword Report: This is one of the most important reports! This report will tell you what people searched for on google (and other search engines) that drove them to your site. In this case, Scott had 370 visits from search engines. From this list you can see that:
177 people searched for “scott hargis”
64 people searched for “scott hargis photography”
19 people looked for “”
16 people searched for “scot harges”
15 people searched for “scot hargis”
9 for “scott hargis photographer”
7 for “hargis photography”
6 – scott hargas
5 – hargis
4 – scott hagris
4 – scott hargos photography
3 – hargis photo
3 – scott hargis photo
2 – hargis scott
2 – real estate photography san francisco
2 – scott hargis san francisco
2 – scott hargiss
2 – scott hargus
2 –
1 – interiors photographer
and so on…
The reason that I detailed it out so far is that I wanted to make a point. In Scott’s case, it looks like 95% of the organic results are people looking for Scott Hargis but not knowing the website name, while only 2 were looking for “real estate photography san fransisco” and 1 was looking for “interiors photographer” 1 for “real estate photographers in san francisco” 1 for “realestate photographer”

There are:
22,000 search for real estate photography per month.
33,100 search for san francisco photography
6,600 search for san francisco photographer

Scott has captured only 4 or 5 of those, while the majority are people that already know who he is and is seeking him out. That’s not good. I mean, it is good for those that know him can actually find him. But those that don’t know him are not finding him.

Contrast Scott’s 370 visits from organic searches yielding 5 potential new clients vs my website. I had 89 total visits, of which 45 were from organic searches. Of the organic search visits, 13 were from “real estate photographer minneapolis” “minneapolis real estate photography” “minneapolis virtual tour” and “virtual tour minneapolis”. That’s 13 potential new clients from much smaller number of visitors.

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