Photography Resources 5: Where to buy?

Where to purchase equipment

As to where to purchase camera equipment? I’ve used these merchants for years and years now. I purchase most items through Amazon, and quite a number from BH and Adorama. JR was my goto place for the past 15 years for electronic equipment, but I buy less of that nowadays.**

In the camera equipment world, there are a ton of shady stores, mostly in the New York area. I’m not sure why they have a high concentration of shady businesses, but they do. So I always stick with one of these retailers. If you want to check out other retailers, be sure to check out their rating on this website before purchasing from them.

This site has a collection of customer reviews of storefronts, both virtual and physical.

Cables and Adapters

DON’T BUY CABLES at the local Big Blue and yellow retail store. They are way, way overpriced. For instance, a 6′ Dynex HDMI cable runs $24.99 at BB, while at a 6′ HDMI cable is $3.50. ┬áIt’s a little more at ($6.39) but if I need it the same day, I can go-local and pick it up at the warehouse. There are huge margins on cables and accessories, and this is just one example. If you check out the prices at these two stores, almost everything is much lower in price. 14′ ethernet cables are $2.18 vs $26.99. WOW!

Photography Resources

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