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Starting Your Own Blog Part 9: WordPress Posts and Categories

Categories When posting blog entries, you should organize them into categories. WordPress allows you to create categories and sub-categories. These categories can be added to a sidebar, or a menu. Take a look at my “Recipes” menu, and you’ll see subcategories of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc. When I enter each recipe, I select the appropriate… Continue Reading

Starting Your Own Blog Part 5: WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes: There are thousands of free themes for wordpress out there. You can go to the “Appearance” tab and click on “Themes”. From there, you can “Install Themes” and browse for new ones. I would, however, recommend going a different route. I recommend using one of the custom themes below because they give you… Continue Reading

Starting Your Own Blog Part 3: WordPress

 Installing WordPress: Once you have the host, you’ll need to install WordPress. I did mine the manual way, by downloading from  and uploading it to my server, and configurating the database, etc. That’s because I’ve always done it that way, plus I want to control my database username and passwords. There is a really… Continue Reading

Starting Your Own Blog Part 2: Hosting

Hosting: In selecting a self-hosted wordpress solution, the first step is to have a hosting service. I’ve used a few hosts in the past and I recommend the following:* – THIS IS WHERE MY WEBSITES ARE HOSTED. I really love right now. Their customer support is extremely responsive, and their servers are really… Continue Reading

Starting Your Own Blog Part 1: Domain Names

Getting Started First things first, I believe that you should have a self-hosted wordpress site, that is, To do so means that you retain control of everything. I’ve seen many people start at and then migrate to their own self hosted site after a while. Why not start out right? Transferring from… Continue Reading