Starting Your Own Blog Part 3: WordPress

 Installing WordPress:

Once you have the host, you’ll need to install WordPress. I did mine the manual way, by downloading from¬† and uploading it to my server, and configurating the database, etc. That’s because I’ve always done it that way, plus I want to control my database username and passwords. There is a really easy way though. On the your host Control Panel, look for Quick Install (as seen in the pic from hostgator), or Fantastico. Click on that, and then click on WordPress.

Once wordpress is done installing, you’ll have a username and password to login to the backend of wordpress.

Once you’ve done that, if you registered the domain at a separate registrar, you’ll need to point the DNS servers to the hosting company. In my case, I go to my Godaddy account and point the DNS servers to (you’ll need to actually look up the xx part).

Starting Your Own Blog Resources:

Here are a few pages of how to start your own blog. I originally had this in 3 parts, but decided it would be better broken down to more specific steps. I’ve also added a few other resources pages, such as camera and lighting pages, as well as general technology pages. These pages are most of the general steps in starting your own blog.

WordPress Pages
WP Part 1 РDomain Names WP Part 2 РHosting WP Part 3 РWordPress (installation)
WP Part 4 – Configure WP WP Part 5 – Themes WP Part 6 – Plugins
WP Part 7 – Widgets WP Part 8 – Pages and Menus WP Part 9 – Posts and Categories

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