Analytics Part 2

Clicking on the map will show where people came from to your website. The first map will be of the world (03a). In this case, Scott had 794 visitors from the USA, 106 from Canada, and less in other countries. You can also see that the people from Canada spent 2x as much time on the site as the fellow USAers did. While peopel from Norway, the Netherlands, and Spain had a high bounce rate, meaning they left after seeing 1 page.

Clicking on the USA, we’ll see the breakdown by state. In this case, California accounted for 266 visits. If we click on California, we can see that most visits are from Oakland (42) and San Francisco (41).

This is probably the most important info one can get from Analytics. Of the 1400 visits, 421 visitors (30%) are direct traffic. This means that people typed in their browser and went to his site. This is probably from in-person contacts, handing out business cards, and perhaps a link in the signature of e-mails.
Also on here are 2 more important stats. The first is that Scott had 609 visits (44%) from referring sites. The second is that 370 visits (26%) were from search engine traffic. If you click on the Sources Report, you’ll see that google organic search accounted for 350 visits, and 9 were from, 7 were from, 3 from and I didn’t see where the rest were from. It’s in there somewhere.

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