Analytics Part 1

Google analytics is a very powerful tool in analyzing your website. It can give much insight as to how people got to your site, as well as what they viewed. The analysis of analytics that appears below was written in June 2010, but it still applies today. I took a look at a friend’s google analytics page and commented along the way.

We’ll start off with the first page, called the Dashboard page. In the first section at the top, we have the overview of all the visits for the past month. You can change the date range, but the default comes up as the past 30 days. This data is replicated in the “Visitors Overview” section. Let’s click on Visitors Overview View Report.

In Scott’s case, he’s had 1400 visits in the past 30 days. Each visit is when someone goes to the website and browses a page or more at a time. When someone comes back a few hours later and looks at more pages, that could be separate visit.
Of the 1400 visits, the people viewed 55,789 pages on his website. That’s an average of 40 pages per visit!! That is huge. They spent an average of almost 7 minutes on his website. Most of the time people jump around on websites until they find something interesting, with the average being something around 15 seconds average time on site. So an average of 7 minutes is very good.
Also the bounce rate Scott has is 11.7%, which is very very low. If you have a bounce rate of 50%, that is probably average. Good sites should be under 25%. Bounce rate is the percentage of 1 page visits. They look at 1 page and leave.
Last on the first section is the % of new visitors. Scott’s Absolute Unique Visitors is 1027. That means that 1027 people are new to his website, not returning visitors. This is measured by cookies on visitors computers. If they have cookies disabled, then that person would count as a new visitor every time.

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